ribbed taper shaped candle for home party wedding decorative

The ribbed shape candle made of paraffin wax, cotton wick, the size is 3.8*22.5cm, weight is approx 130g.

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The ribbed shape candle made of paraffin wax, cotton wick, the size is 3.8*22.5cm, weight is approx 130g. If you want to order other colors and scents, please let us know the Pantone Color and Scents oil/fragrance oils, then we can make accordingly. 1. SET THE MOOD: These tapered candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for restaurants, special events and parties. Their classic look complements almost any decor. This candle is made by candle making machine. It is suitable for family dinners, weddings and other important occasions. It’s the best choice for daily life decorating. For the scented taper candles,  It creates a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Please give this sweet little gift to a guest, friend or family member and delight your senses with this natural wax candle. 2. CRAFTED WITH QUALITY: Made with 100% paraffin wax and pure cotton wicks, these high quality candles burn cleanly and do not drip or create a mess. 3. A ROMANTIC TOUCH: Spice up the romance with a candlelit dinner with your loved one. With a universal fit, they fit most candlesticks and candelabras – perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 4. CEREMONIAL OR TABLE LIGHT: These aroma free Shabbat candles are perfect for weddings ceremonies, holidays and religious events. Perfect for use in Synagogues and churches. 5. DRIPLESS: It’s not magic, a “dripless” candle, is an ideal blend of hard wax and a perfectly sized wick. But for a dripless candle to remain dripless, burning conditions must be ideal. The candle has to stand up vertically, not even at a slight angle. Keep the dripless candle away from drafts (air conditioning, fans, outdoors, window draft) as well, as a slight breeze could cause the flame to flare up larger than usual or to touch areas of wax that it normally wouldn’t reach, causing drips. Any request can contact us freely and welcome to visit our candle factory. Beside the taper candles, our factory can produce many style candles, like scented candles, glass candles, ceramic candles, tin candles, tea candles, bright candles, spiral candles/twist candles, pillar candles, votive candles.

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